What's In a Colour?

Labradors come in 3 colours: 
BLACK, YELLOW and CHOCOLATE (not silver).
Black is the dominant gene in Labradors and was the colour commonly preferred in the earlier days. Many people probably remember growing up with either a black Labrador as a pet or a neighbour having a black Labrador.
The colours chocolate and yellow were noted in the original St. John’s dog from Newfoundland. They are actually recessive genes and were sometimes referred to as the colour ‘liver’ or sometimes ‘golden’. 
In 1807 a ship called Canton was carrying some St. John’s dogs destined for Poole, England as likely breeding stock for the Duke of Malmesbury’s Labrador Kennel. The Canton shipwrecked and two dogs, one black and one chocolate, were found and believed to have become part of the breeding program (along with other breeds) that created the Chesapeake Retriever. So we know that chocolates had been a colour in the original St. John’s dogs which later became established under the name of Labrador Retriever. as recessive colours the yellow and chocolate pups would occasionally appear in litters throughout time. During the earlier Breeding programs these ‘off colours’ were often ‘culled’ until they were finally accepted by the British and American Kennel Clubs and registered. 
Some people (like us) still favour blacks saying they are the BEST LABRADORS. 
Obviously, we think it is more personal preference as long as you have a good well balanced pedigree and good breeding dog behind your dog. There should be no difference in temperament between any of the colours and you should be wary of anyone who claims one colour is better than another.

Myths about the 3 colours
and are girls easier than boys?

Q: Are black labradors are more naughty than the yellow ones?
The answer is no, the effort that you put into your puppy from Day 1 and every other day after that, is what you can expect to get out of it. 
For example, If you take home a puppy and leave it in your backyard,
and put no effort into it in terms of time and training, it will get board
and yes become naughty regardless of colour! 
Whilst we do everything as breeders to ensure you get a well adjusted, all round puppy, it is over to you once you take your puppy home. You are the one who ultimately mould and shape your puppy into who it will be.
Q: What about Chocolate labradors?
Colour does not have anything to do with their behavioural characteristics, some labradors are more laid back than others. Lots of other factors determine this, like environment, diet and they people they are around. 
Chocolates were once breed their for there popularity and their temperaments
weren’t what they should have been. However, today if you buy from a registered breeder, temperaments are a breed characteristics and should be a priority.
There are many good quality chocolate breeders out there who do care about
what they are breeding on from.
Q: Do female dogs make better pets than males?
It really comes down to personal preference. But in our opinion we feel males
are better companions than females. A male will follow you everywhere and be forever in your shadow. Whereas a female will tend to sit back, observe and only coming to you when they want attention.